One Health Partners Collection

Pre&Peri and One Health Partners have teamed up to bring you two new designs inspired by the idea that “We Are All Related” and designed to convey interconnectivity and recognition of difference in a spirit of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Graphics of two t-shirt designs: The first version is multi-coloured. It features Indigenous-style foot and handprints of humans and animals with the words "We Are All" above and "Related" below. Beside "Related" is the One Health Partners logo. The second version is in black only. The same foot/pawprints are encased by the words "We are all related. Caring for people, animals, planet."

50% of the profits from the sale of the t-shirts in this Collection will be used to support One Health Partners' Indigenous programs and community outreach such as their therapy dog-supported literacy program at the Native Women's Resource Centre in Toronto. 

A photo of an OHP volunteer reading to a black dog while a woman listens from a chair.

About One Health Partners

One Health Partners (OHP) is a not-for-profit community health and social service organization that operates at the intersection of animal welfare, human healthcare, education and social services. The idea of One Health, founder of OHP explains, reflects recognition of the integral relationship between human health and well-being, animal health and welfare and the health of our built, social, and natural environments.

A female OHP volunteer wearing glasses reads a children's book to a black, curly-haired dog.

One Health Partners therapy dog program Paws to Care is the flagship program in OHP’s community service division. The program aims to bring joy, comfort, hope, healing, inspiration, and connection to people through the human-animal bond.

About the Design

Paws to Care provided the primary inspiration for our designs in this collaboration. While dog paws inspired the print in the top left and bottom right, these can also be considered wolf prints which is a common theme in Indigenous art.

OHP therapy dog Stella enjoys some pets from children

Caitlin Wemigwans, owner and designer of Pre&Peri, drew the human hand and footprints next with the same outline but decorated the inner segments differently to signify the difference but equality of the world's peoples. She then added a hoof because she has long felt a spiritual connection to the gentle deer.

A child reads a book to a black and white therapy dog while petting him.

In the centre, we placed a bird footprint to represent non-mammals. The prints are evenly spaced and while they lie in different positions, no one of these species is more important than the others. This speaks to the interconnectivity of all living things which is an important part of Indigenous culture as well as One Health Partners' philosophy. 

OHP therapy dog Benji photographed at Red Embers Indigenous art installation in the Beaches, Toronto.

To learn more about One Health Partners' programs and efforts, follow them on Instagram: @onehealthpartners and @ohptherapydogs.

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