Why do we offer to smudge your purchase?

Why do we offer to smudge your purchase?

Smudging is a cleansing and healing ceremony performed by wafting the smoke of burning plant medicines onto objects or the body. Often, a prayer is said at the same time.

There are many plant medicines that help the body in different ways. According to our teachings, the Four Sacred Medicines are tobacco, sage, sweetgrass and cedar. Each of these medicines can be used for smudging individually or in any combination. 

At Pre&Peri, we will smudge your purchase with sage before it is shipped along with a prayer for your well-being. While smudging is an important spiritual practice for many Indigenous people, anyone can smudge and it does not require you to adopt any particular belief system.

It is possible for some individuals to be allergic to smudging plant medicines. If you know you are allergic to sage or simply do not wish to have your purchase smudged, you can leave the note box blank in the cart. We will still send good thoughts your way!

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