A woman wearing a black t-shirt with a stylized rising sun graphic above the word "Resilient"

How it's Made: Resilient Sun T-shirt

Do you ever wonder where your clothes come from? This is how the Pre&Peri Resilient Sun T-Shirt was made from concept to final product.

The first step is designing the graphic. I prefer to draw in pencil so first I made a sketch of a sun divided into quadrants with the rays of the sun radiating away from the core. I uploaded the sketch to the computer, smoothed the hand-drawn edges and cut off the bottom so it looks like a rising sun. Then I inserted the word “Resilient.” Click here to learn more about the meaning behind my sun motif.

When sourcing t-shirts, it was important to me to find a manufacturer that is in Turtle Island (North America), the closer to Toronto the better. Due to Canada’s cold climate, the cotton and bamboo must be imported. The raw materials are then shipped to Mississauga, Ontario to be knit into fabric. This unbleached and undyed fabric is sent to Ajax, Ontario to be dyed black with non-toxic materials. From there, the newly-coloured fabric is sent to Scarborough to be cut and sewn into t-shirts.

Next, the shirts are sent to a decorator in Toronto who uses my digital design file to create a silk screen print on each garment.

Back at my studio, I inspect each shirt and sew on a woven Pre&Peri label that was made in Oregon, USA. Now the Resilient Sun T-shirt is ready for resilient you! Click here to order yours.

Keeping our production within Turtle Island reduces carbon emissions, contributes to our economy and allows for a more transparent supply chain which makes it possible to ensure that all people involved in the production of these t-shirts are treated ethically. Read more about our Made in Turtle Island mission.

 - Caitlin Wemigwans, Owner/Designer Pre&Peri


An infographic showing the process of making a Pre&Peri Resilient Sun T-Shirt
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