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Flower Car Decal

Flower Car Decal

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Segmented and outlined florals are a popular beadwork design choice, especially in Anishinaabe culture. This decal features a multi-petaled flower inspired by such beadwork as well as the trillium, a flower that can be found in the wooded areas of northern Ontario.

Application instructions: 

  1. Clean window with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
  2. Using a plastic card, rub the front of the decal.
  3. Carefully peel away the paper backing leaving the decal on the clear film.
  4. Place film with decal on window and rub with the plastic card making sure to smooth away any bubbles. 
  5. Slowly remove the clear film.
  • 6 1/4"x 3"
  • Lasts up to 6 years
  • Made in Turtle Island

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